2022 Mt. Tom Trail Race - Runner Updates

There will be day-of race registration available!   Plan to show up an hour before your start time to ensure we have time to get you registered. 50k race parking: 2 Ferry Street, Easthampton 25k (solo and relay) race parking: 172R Pleasant Street, Easthampton  (park on the back side of the mill building, past New City Brewery) Race Start/Finish area: 2 Ferry Street, Easthampton >> Below are a few runner update emails that went out to all registered runners as of Oct. 19th.  For relay runners, please see bottom of the page for information specific to the relay... Runner Check-in  – you can pick up your bib on Friday night (4:30pm-7pm) at  New City Brewery , or else an hour before your start on Saturday at Millside Park.  if you get your bib on Friday, you don't need to re-check in on Saturday (but be sure to attend the pre-race meeting, item 3 below). Early Start  – we want everyone to finish…so if you’re super anxious about making the cut-offs, please let us know and we’ll co

Beast Coast Trail Running

New this year, we're launching the Beast Coast Trail Running series (finally!) - to celebrate folks who run all the Beast Coast Trail Running races throughout the year.  Since many races have a shorter and longer option, we'll celebrate both the sub-ultra/trail runners and the ultra runners. 2022 Races: Mt. Toby Ultra & 25k  - April 9, 2022 in Sunderland MA (50k and 24k options)  Seven Sisters Trail Race  - May 7, 2022 in Amherst MA (12 miles)  Chesterfield Gorge Ultra & 25k  - June 4-5, 2022 in Chesterfield MA (option for 25k, 50k, 50 mile, 100k, 100 mile)   Mt. Tom Trail Race  - October 22, 2022 in Easthampton, MA (option for solo 50k or 25k, or 2-person 25k relay)  All of the Above Trail Fest - November 5th at Berkshire East, Charlemont MA (option for competitive 25k or fun run 5k).   Race for DFL  - Date November 19th in Winchendon MA  (options for Backyard Ultra/Last Runner Standing style race, or single lap/4.16666 mile 'fastest lap' honors) *Exact det

Beast Coast Trail Running - Statement on Belonging & Environmental Stewardship

We truly believe that everyone belongs on the trails and hope to encourage as many folks out there to explore the outdoors - and our aim is to foster this sense of belonging by all.  That being said, we acknowledge that this is an evolving process and we welcome open dialogue and feedback from folks regarding how we can improve the sense of belonging, or how we can take steps to support those who need supporting.  We know it's not as easy as a statement, or the policies listed below...but we hope that these are at least a small step in the right direction. Equity and Inclusion Policies Support for entry fees One of the things we strive for is to create inclusion and equality in the running community. As much as we want to say that all you need to run is a pair of shoes, we know the reality is much more complex. To create intentional space for people, we have a number of free entries (or reduced fee entries) for our races that we would like to extend to any athlete who needs the sup

Athletes with Disabilities

While we encourage all athletes to find the joy of trail running regardless of any disability, at this time Beast Coast Trail Races is only able to support visually impaired and mobility impaired athletes at this time at our races, and these athletes must be fully ambulatory.   We are open to conversations about how to extend the allowable categories we can support at our races, and encourage athletes to reach out and chat with us! Criteria for entry into Beast Coast Trail Running Athletes with Disabilities (AWD) category is as follows: - AWDs must be able to run the course. - Tethers may be used for athletes with a visually impairment. - Leg prosthetics may be used for amputees. - Crutches, braces, or poles may be used if indicated/necessary. - AWDs must be able to finish within the published cut-offs for the event, however they can reach out to the RD if an early start is possible. Unfortunately,. since there are plenty of mucky trails on-course, it is not suitable for athletes in w