Chesterfield Gorge Ultra & 25k

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The Basics:
This race is a fundraiser for the Hilltown Land Trust, which protects land throughout hilltown (western Mass) area.  Isn't that awesome?!?

*Shirts available to the first 200 runners who register.*

Ultra Race & 100-mile Relay:
Date: June 4-5, 2022
Time: from 6:00am on Saturday to noon on Sunday (30 hour time limit).
Start Times: 100 milers start at 6:00am on Saturday
100kers and 50 milers start at 7:00am on Saturday
50kers start at 8:00am on Saturday 
100 mile Relay will start at noon on Saturday (24-hour time limit)
*All runners are still welcome to adjust their race distance if they desire (at any time!), staggered starts are simply to space out participant starts!  Only participants who start at the prescribed time will be eligible for awards, however you can request an alternative start time if traveling with someone starting earlier.*
As always, runners are allow to request alternative start times.  We'll be out there for 30 hours, so make it work for you!
Check-in: after 5:00am on Saturday, we're there!
Distance: Chose your own adventure!  We'll have options for 50k, 50mile, 100km, and 100 mile...but you can stop at the end of any 25k/15.5 mile out-and-back and get credit for the distance.
Choose your distance on race day- there are no DNF's! (We only use the distance you register for to determine how much yummy treats to get for the aid stations, etc.).
Location: Chesterfield Gorge Reservation, 1 River Road, West Chesterfield MA
Cost: $100.00 ($75 for 50k race)
Registrationavailable here
Race day registration is available unless race fills.  Race day registrations fees are $10 more than online registration (so we encourage you to register online, although ultimately Hilltown Land Trust benefits if you don't!).

25k Race:
Date: Sunday June 5th, 2022 (Note that this is on the SUNDAY,  not Saturday) 
Time: From 8:00am to noon on Sunday (Four hour time limit, reach out if you think you'll want more time and we'll get you started earlier).  **We may split the starts to have an 8am wave and 9:00am wave.**
Check-in: whenever, we'll still be there from Saturday!
Location: Chesterfield Gorge Reservation, 1 River Road, West Chesterfield MA
Distance: 25k/15.5 miles
Cost: $40.00
Registrationavailable here
Race day registration is available unless race fills.  Race day registrations fees are $5 more than online registration (so we encourage you to register online, although ultimately Hilltown Land Trust benefits if you don't!).

Note: we won't do refunds, deferrals, or bib swaps unless the race is full and someone on the waitlist will take your spot.  At that time, we will offer a 50% refund for dropped runners.

Registration Disclaimer: If you register and thereafter cannot make the race, please consider your entry fee to be a donation to the Hilltown Land Trust to help them continue to protect land within western Mass.  We thank you!

Volunteer Info: As with any race, we are completely reliant on amazing volunteers to make the event special.  If you are interested in helping out, please sign up here and we'll be in touch with more details.  Thank you!

Further Details: 
Join us for the fourth annual Chesterfield Gorge Ultra and 25k Race, the only 100 mile race in western Mass!  Race director Amy Rusiecki has wanted to bring an ultra race to western Mass to share some of the amazing places that she regularly trains on, so we were thrilled to officially launch this race for 2018...and based on the many smiles throughout the event, looks like this'll be an annual thing now!  You'll run 25k/15.5 miles (or more) along the Westfield River in the Chesterfield Gorge.  It's a GORGEous place to run (see what we did there?!?).

As is tradition, we are intentionally keeping things small and low-key.  There will be plenty of yummy food and drinks along the way, as well as at the finish line, and plenty of volunteers to cheer you on - we'll have what you'll need to run as many miles as you want!  However, we'll only have small prizes for the overall male/female category champions.  Every 100 miler finisher will receive a small something also (but not a belt buckle). 

The course itself is a continually rolling jeep trail with a few rocks (but not a technical trail), with permanent mile markers along the way.  The race will consist of one or more 7.75 mile (12.5k) trail out-and-backs (for 15.5 miles/25k total). We will have a sign/turn-around point midway through the laps for folks wishing to do the 50 mile distance.  Folks wanting to get in an even 100 mile distance will turn around at the mid-way aid station on their last lap. There is no pavement on the entire course (yay!).

Parking is extremely limited, so depending on registration numbers we may need to limit the on-site parking.  Due to these constraints, we ask that every participant have only 1 car - please make a plan to carpool with your crew/pacers.  There will be a nearby alternative parking area to leave extra vehicles if needed.  

All proceeds go to the Hilltown Land Trust.  That's right, the race will help raise funds to continue to preserve land and wildlife habitat within our area.

Additional details to be added over the coming watch for more info!  In the meantime, you can email the RD with questions at racedirector_at_7sisterstrailrace_dot_com.

Wait List Information: Once each race is full, you will be able to register for the waitlist.  If/when someone drops from the race, the first person on the waitlist will automatically take their place and their credit card will be charged.  Check your position in the waitlist on the registration site, and let us know before you are #1 on the waitlist if you ultimately decide you don't want to run. 


  1. Did this date change? I had the race written down as July 10 for some reason.

    1. The 2021 date was in mid-July due to COVID. However, every other year this race has been the week after Memorial Day.

    2. Thanks, Amy! I am running a marathon May 22, so I might end up volunteering at this race rather than running it.

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