Mt. Tom Trail Race

 Welcome to Western Mass's newest Trail Race! 

We're stoked to launch the 2022 Mt. Tom Trail Race, with many things remaining the same and a few things changing. 

New this year - we're changing the short course just a bit (to add a few miles of beautiful trail) and we're including a long course (50k).  We're also bringing the party to the park - so food and beer will be in the park waiting for you when you finish!

What's not new this year (i.e. what's the same) - the awesome trails at Mt. Tom, 2-person relay option for the 25k distance, beer and food included with your entry, and prizes for not only top runners, but also for equally important stuff such as best blood, best relay team costume, and first to puke on-course.  Oh, and this is still a fundraiser for Kestrel Land Trust, who do incredible work to protect, preserve, and maintain the trails that many of us run on regularly.

Distance: We're so stoked about the trails, that the course overshot the 25k distance - it is 17.4 miles total.  Here's a gpx file of the course, and here's a map of the course

Solo 25k runners - you follow this course the whole way!

Relay 25k runners - there are 3 "legs" to this route, and you can hand split up the legs however you want.  All transitions will happen at Bray Lake, but you can decide at Bray Lake #1 or Bray Lake #2.  Here's the breakdown: leg 1 (start to Bray Lake #1) is 8.4 miles total; leg 2 (Bray Lake #1 to Bray Lake #2) is 2.8 miles total; leg 3 (Bray Lake #2 to finish) is 6.2 miles total.

Solo 50k runners - you run from the start to the Mt. Tom trails, complete 2 laps of the trails route, and then return to the finish.  (Basically, the first 1.5 miles will not be repeated, and you won't return to the finish until the end of your 2nd lap.  Don't worry, we'll have a volunteer to direct you!)  
*If you are nervous about finishing the course on-time, we will have an early start at 6:30am for those who request it.  Understand that volunteers won't be in place for this early start, so you will need to be careful and know the route for the first few miles.

The Basics:
Your participation in this event supports Kestrel Land Trust, whose mission is to conserve, care for, and connect you to the forests, farms, and trails of the Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts. For more than 50 years, Kestrel has helped conserve more than 27,000 acres of woodlands, wildlands, farmlands, and public conservation areas, and they are currently working with the City of Easthampton to expand public access to Mount Tom.

The race starts and finishes at Millside Park in Easthampton, which happens to be next to our partners at New City Brewery, who happen to brew some pretty awesome beers - see the connection there?!?  So, your race entry gets you a steel pint glass, a pint of New City beer (first pour's on us!), and some awesome post-race food.
Date: October 22, 2022
Time: 7:30am start for 50k race, 9:30am start both solo and relay 25k runners 
Check in: one hour before your event at Millside Park, or 4:30-7pm on Friday Oct. 21st at New City Brewery
Location: parking for 50k runners at Millside Park, 2 Ferry Street, Easthampton MA; parking for 25k runners at 180 Pleasant Street in the rear of the building (by New City Brewery).
Cost**: $85 for the 50k solo, $55 for 25k solo, $100 for 2-person 25k relay teams *Entry fee increases on Sept, 15th!
Bonus: race entry includes a pint glass, first beer at New City Brewery, and finish line food.
**Funds are available, upon request, to any runner who needs support to participate. No questions will be asked, no justification needed, if funds are available then partial or full entry fee support will be given.

Sound like fun?  Sign up here.
There will be day-of registration available, however prices will jump so pre-reg preferred.

Wanna help?  Sign-up here (will be available soon)
We love our volunteers, and can't do this without you! 

A bit of the details on this race are below:
1)  Elevation Gain/Loss:  The course is hilly - it's at Mt. Tom after all!  The 25k course has 3,600 feet of climbing in the solo race, and relay runners will split the climbing between the two.  The 50k race has about 7,000 feet of climbing.  (Elevation profile for 25k course is below.  50k will do this twice.)

2)  The Course:  The course begins with 1.5 miles of road running to get to the Mt. Tom Trails.  From there, it's on rugged single track hiking trails.  The last roughly 1.5 miles of the course will be the same as the first, but in reverse direction (to get back to New City!).  Here's a map with the trail names (Mt. Tom portion of the route only), and here's the gpx file if that's helpful, and here's a google earth file to check out.  *Please note - the race course enters the trails via Chapin Street this year.  There is no public parking allowed on Chapin Street!  If you want to pre-run the course, we encourage you to find another location to park and access the trails.

3) Aid Stations:  There will be 4 aid stations along the way, and they are no more than 5 miles apart.  Here's a chart of the aid stations (including the closing time for each).  

4) Crew Access/Relay Exchange:  Your crew can cheer you on (and support you) at the relay exchange location at Bray Lake, Reservation Road in Easthampton.  (We ask that crews and relay runners drive around, and not through, Mt. Tom to access Bray Lake, to limit traffic that runners might encounter.) 
**Relay runners are responsible to get themselves/their cars to Bray Lake and back.  There is no race shuttle.**

4a) Relay Info: The relay exchange breaks the race into three portions that you can break up however you want between the two runners.  Leg 1 (start to Bray Lake #1) is 8.4 miles total; Leg 2 (Bray Lake #1 to Bray Lake #2) is 2.8 miles total; Leg 3 (Bray Lake #2 to finish) is 6.2 miles total..  There's roughly equal climbing in Legs 1 and 3, and both will include about 1.5 miles of road (to/from the Brewery), but the rest will be fun and technical trails at Mt. Tom.
*Interested in the relay but don't have a buddy?  Let us know (complete this form) and we'll do our best to find you a partner!*

4b) Relay Baton: Each relay team should bring a safety vest (such as the vest you would wear when road running at night) or a distinct costume, which will be the team's baton.  Runner #1 will wear it for their leg of the race, and hand it off to Runner #2 at the exchange point.  Costumes are encouraged, and prizes may be involved...

5)  Start Location:  The race will start/finish at the Millside Park, located at 2 Ferry Street, Easthampton.  Runner check-in and post-race festivities will be at the park.

6)  The Price:  We are trying to keep the price as reasonable as possible, however with a relatively new race we need to budget for a few unexpected things.  Additionally, the cost of everything has greatly increased.  As mentioned before, all proceeds go towards the Kestrel Land Trust, so any excess funds will help promote the preservation and maintenance of land and trails (including some of what this course runs over!).

7)  Weather warning:  This race is held during the late fall, and this is New England.  Further, Mt. Tom has an amazing ability for the rocks to be slick even on humid days (did you know that rocks sweat?!?).  It can be muddy, it can be icy, it could be slick conditions, or it could be hot and humid.  Prepare for anything!!!

8)  Nourishment:  We'll have all the basics needed for a race!  For hydration, we will have water, energy drink, and soda.  If colder temps are predicted, there may be hot soup.  For food, there will be the standard candy, chips, pretzels, fruit, etc.  

9)  Medical:  There will be amazing Holyoke EMT crews at Bray Lake (mile 8.4), and aid station volunteers have communications with Bray Lake.  So, reach out to any volunteer if you or a runner needs help.

10)  Guidelines:  If you are stopping, you must let a race official know.  Per USATF regulations, we discourage the use of headphones.  Otherwise, have some fun out there!

11) AWDs: We think that Athletes with Disabilities are awesome and welcome them to participate at this event!  To learn how it all works, we will follow the general rules as set forth here.

12) Volunteers: We of course can't do this without the support of volunteers to help out runners along the way. If you are interested in volunteering, you can get more info or sign up here.

13) Prizes: Swag will be given to the top 3 in each of the male and female category for the solo events, and top relay teams (male-only, female-only, and mixed-gender).  We'll also have some prizes for age group winners (40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70-79) in the solo race, and age group winners (100+, added age of 2 runners) in the relay race.  

13a) More Prizes: We will also be giving away some awesome prizes for random stuff, including Queen and King of the Mountain (fastest female and male solo runners up a designated climb, as documented by their Strava segment time), best relay costume/baton, middle of the pack, and whatever else strikes our fancy!

14) Cut-offs: Look, we want everyone to finish and think that everyone should be able to finish within the cut-offs.  There will be intermediary cut-offs along the course, so that all 50k runners must finish within 8 hours and all 25k runners must finish within 5 hours.  *Early starts are accommodated upon request.

Contact Info:  Let us know if you have further questions that aren't answered here.  You can contact the race director at racedirector_at_7sisterstrailrace_dot_com.