Race for DFL

This is a "last runner standing"-style race.  Where last is first, and first is last!  Get it?  Good!  Now let's have some fun!

*Note - we are once again hosting this 'backyard ultra' style event in someone's backyard!  Hope you will join us in Winchendon MA!  Oh, and we have pompom hats for the first 100 that sign up...so don't wait!

2022 Race Date: November 19th, 2022 (until someone wins...)
RegistrationAvailable here.

How the ultra works:
- the course is 4.1666 miles long
- every hour (on the hour), competitors line up to start a lap.  First lap starts at 8:00am.
- in order to continue in the race, you must complete the lap each hour and line up to start the next hour's lap.
- this race will continue until there is only one runner left...who is the DFL runner!
Sound easy?  Give it a go for a few hours...and let us know!
**For 2022, we're allowing folks who aren't going for the overall victory but wish to participate in the ultra (and are planning on less than 12 laps) to start anytime between 8am and noon.  

How the 4.16666 mile race works:
- folks are welcome to join in for any lap of the day on Saturday (i.e. YOU chose your starting time, any hour on the hour, between 8am and 11pm)
- we will time you for any lap, and compile the results based on everyone's best lap time throughout the day from the 1-lap race.
- run a lap and think you can go faster?  That's great - give it another go at any hour!  You've got until midnight and can give it as many tries as you want.

COVID safety:
- we will follow applicable federal, state, and local COVID restrictions and safety protocols.  This may include wearing a mask at times when you aren't able to be socially distant.  It also may include wearing a mask when at the start/finish area/aid station.  We will send out details as the race approaches and we know more, as things are constantly changing.

More random details:
- true to Last Runner Standing tradition, this will be held in someone's back yard.
- you are encouraged to set up a pop tent or otherwise define your self-crew area.
- aid station supplies will be whatever is left over from other races that I direct throughout the year (i.e. this will get rid of food before it goes bad over the winter).  That means a random assortment of ultra food.  We'll likely also order a pizza at some point.  If you need something specific, best to bring it for yourself.
- we encourage the community feel of folks bringing something to share for the aid station table.  So, please consider bringing your favorite ultra food, post-run food, or beer to share with the group.
- this is a completely laid back, fun event.  Don't take it too seriously, but come enjoy some miles and some fun!
- entry fees basically cover the cost of the permitting and portapotties.  That's all folks!
- come for one lap, come for 12 laps (to get a VT100 qualifier), or see if you can outlast the rest.  Whatever you do - enjoy a weekend of running in western MA!
- got questions on the specifics?  Let us know!


  1. Is there any information available for a 2021 race?

    1. RD is gauging interest in doing this in mid-November, probably at the Chesterfield Gorge. I'm in - and I'd love to see it happen. Email her if you're interested...

  2. Do we need to make any arrangements for camping the night before? Or can we just show up? Thanks!

  3. RGL - you can just show up and camp the night before. We'll send out a map ahead of the race with the lay-out of where you can set up a tent and where we'll need for the race set-up. Email me with any questions, and hope to see you there!

  4. Is the out and back route starting at the parking lot or the gate (around mile 1.3) or somewhere else?

    1. Rufus - the run will start at the Trustees parking lot (although participants will be parking in the 4 Seasons Lot). You are welcome to set up tents or 'self-aid' areas in the grassy area near our start/finish area. See the site map for the Chesterfield Gorge Ultra & 25k for the general layout.

  5. I'm confused. Is the course 4.1666 mi. long or 4.16666 mi. long?

  6. Is there anywhere we can see real time information about the runners?

  7. Is there any information about this years course...hilly, flat as a pancake etc.?

    1. Jill - we are awaiting the final confirmation, but the course will be relatively flat and non-technical. Mostly on an old railroad trail (with the trestles removed). Depending on permission, might also include a class 4/dirt road. Otherwise, some running on a snowmobile trail and a bit of running over farm fields.


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